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School Holidays

School holidays for all areas of Argyll and Bute – August 2020 to July 2021

BreakDates of Attendance
Start of termOpenTues 11 August 2020
Teachers’ In-service day
OpenPupils Return
OctoberCloseFriday 2nd October 2020
OpenMonday 19th October 2020
CloseThursday 26th November 2020
NovemberTeachers’ In-service Friday 27th November & Monday 30th November
OpenTuesday 1st December 2020
ChristmasCloseWednesday 23rd December 2020
The majority of children and young people will receive their learning online from the 11th January until at least the 18th January 2021 when they will begin their return to school providing the Scottish Government are confident that the virus is under control.  Children of key workers and vulnerable children will be able to attend school for childcare from the 7th of January with learning beginning on Monday 11th January in line with the Scottish Government’s timetable – further details are available here
OpenThursday 7th January 2021
February WeekCloseFriday 5th February
OpenMonday 15th February 2021 – Teachers’ In-service day
Tuesday 16th February 2021 – Pupils return
AprilCloseThursday 1st April 2021
OpenMonday 19th April 2021
CloseFriday 28th May 2021 – Teachers’ In-service day
MayOpenTuesday 1st June 2021
CloseWednesday 30th June 2021

2nd April – Good Friday

4th April – Easter Sunday

5th April – Easter Monday

31st May – Bank Holiday

BreakDates of Attendance
Start of TermOpenThursday 12th and Friday 13th August 2021
Teachers’ in-service day
OpenMonday 16th August 2021
Pupils return
OctoberCloseFriday 8th October 2021
OpenMonday 25th October 2021
NovemberCloseFriday 26th November 2021
Monday 29th November 2021 – Teachers’ in-service day
OpenTues 30th November 2021
ChristmasCloseThursday 23rd December 2021
OpenThursday 6th January 2022
February weekCloseFriday 4th February 2022
OpenMonday 14th February 2022 – Teachers’ in-service day
Tuesday 15th February 2022 – Pupils return
AprilCloseFriday 1st April 2022
OpenTuesday 29th April 2022
MayCloseThursday 26th May 2022
Friday 27th May 2022 – Teachers’ in-service day
SummerCloseFriday 1st July 2022