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We encourage parents to seek support when facing challenges as parents.  We value open and honest dialogue about the needs of our children, and seek solutions together. Where more specialist advice is required, we work with the local health visitor and our Educational Psychologist to support parents and children.

After-school clubs take place every day after school, and we encourage parents to volunteer and share their unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience. Parents are invited to attend and learn alongside their child, too. 

We promote and support effective communication between schools, early years’ establishments and parents through our Facebook page and school website.  As a small school, we are able to meet most parents in the ELC Unit, at the school gate, or out in the community. Telephone and email are also important ways of communicating.  Families support the children at fundraising events, social events, sports day, concerts, assemblies, and community activities. At times of transition into the ELC Unit, the primary school or when moving on to Dunoon Grammar School, communication between family and school are vital.   

Children’s progress is communicated through informal discussions and regular parents’ evenings. These discussions are opportunities for the ELC Unit and school to talk about a child’s progress, to listen to parents about their views on their child’s progress and to share ideas about how parents can play an active role in their child’s education.  The school also produces a formal written report that summarises the year’s progress.