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Family Engagement

At Lochgoilhead Primary School and ELC Unit we recognise the vital role of all parents and carers who are involved in raising children of all ages and stages. Through their role as carer, role model and teacher, parents are the greatest influence on a child’s life. At Lochgoilhead Primary School and ELC Unit we promote family engagement.

Building positive partnerships between families, our ELC setting, school and community improves our children’s education and helps parents to learn the skills to support their children. We aim to:

• Work together on issues we all think are important;

• Respect and value each person’s contribution, welcoming and encouraging people who may have less experience or confidence;

• See positive results for children and families;

• Involve the community of Lochgoilhead, working with people outwith the school to contribute knowledge, skills and experience.

• Regularly self-evaluate to consider what is going well and what barriers we need to address to engage families.