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Child protection

Given on-going public concern on the subject of child abuse, and recent changes in the law, schools are now required to report if they think any child may have come to harm as a consequence of possible abuse.

A member of staff in each school has been appointed to be responsible for Child Protection matters and special training has been given to these people.  Should you wish further advice about Child Protection and the safety of children, please feel free to contact the school.

The school has good liaison contact with the School Medical Officers, Social Workers, and the Police, any or all of whom may become involved if abuse is suspected.

Please see for more information on child protection.

Weapons incidents in educational establishments

A joint protocol has been agreed between Police Scotland, Argyll and Bute Council and West Dunbartonshire Council for dealing with any weapons incidents in schools.  It is therefore important to make parents aware of rules and expectations in relation to weapons and the response to allegations of weapons possession.  Weapons must in no circumstances be brought to school and pupils will be encouraged to share any knowledge of weapons with teaching staff.

The purpose of the protocol is to maximise the safety of children and young people and to safeguard the welfare of all persons involved in any weapons-related incident, including any alleged perpetrator, through an effective multi-agency response.  All incidents involving weapons at any educational establishment where a person under the age of 18 is educated, and any incident involving a child less than 18 years being in possession of a weapon, will trigger the operational response summarised below.  Every incident will be thoroughly investigated and recorded.

  • In response to an incident involving possession, or suspected possession, of a weapon in an educational establishment, the Senior Management Team will react with a proportionate response.  Police Scotland will be contacted immediately and will coordinate any emergency response. In the event of a serious incident, appropriate medical attention will be sought and designated First Aiders at the establishment will treat those affected as far as their training and experience allows, provided it is safe to do so.  The emotional needs of those involved in, or witnessing, the incident will also be considered.
  • If any person who is a pupil or a student in an educational establishment in Argyll and Bute is found in possession of a weapon out-with an educational establishment, Police Scotland will alert the authority of the incident.
  • No release to the media regarding a weapons-related incident will be made without consultation with the Communications departments of both Police Scotland and Argyll and Bute Council.

Please contact the school if you require a copy of the full weapons protocol document, which includes a summary of police powers and duties of search in relation to weapons. Please note that that unless parents/guardians contact the school to indicate a concern, they are giving their implied consent to the policy.